Total War: ROME II – How to Control Your Armies in Battle

Learn how to effectively control an army when in battle in Total War: ROME II with the help of this handy guide.

Whilst in battle, select individual units by left-clicking, or select multiple by left-clicking and dragging a box around the desired units. To select multiple units individually, hold CTRL and again, left-click on the units you wish to order. You can do this on both the battlefield and the unit cards located at the bottom of the battle UI screen.

To select your entire army at once, press both CTRL and A. To deselect, simply click away from your units.

The camera can be moved by using the W, A, S and D keys and sped up by holding down SHIFT. You can move up and down by scrolling the mouse wheel.

To rotate the camera, use the Q and E keys or holding down the mouse wheel will allow you to rotate in any desired direction.

Press ESC at any time to open the menu, where you can change your settings or concede the battle.

To move units into position, simply select using the methods above and right-clicking on the desired destination. Holding right-click whilst dragging will allow you to move units into a precise formation. Hold down the spacebar to view your units' destinations.

You can queue up attacks by holding SHIFT and giving a move order; a unit will proceed to follow these commands one by one.

To put units into a locked group, press CTRL and G. Whilst in this group, units will aim to stay in their current formation. You can also take advantage of preset formations which can be found at the bottom of the UI.