Total War: ROME II – How to Control Your Campaign

Learn how to dominate the ancient world by using the campaign UI in Total War: ROME II with this handy guide.

On the top-left of the campaign screen are the game options and the Advisor, who will pop up now and again to offer assistance to the player.

The faction summary tab is located on the bottom-left, here you can see your current political situation and look at the characters in your empire in more detail.

To the right are the objectives where current objectives and the final victory conditions are displayed.

The trade and finance tab will show a breakdown of income and expenditure as well as current trading partners of your faction. Here, you can increase or decrease tax levels to gain more money at a loss to public order and growth.

Across from that is the technology tab. Here, you can conduct research to unlock new units and buildings.

Above the map is a pop-up list of information such as event messages and the forces tab, which lists your armies and fleets. The province tab shows all the provinces you have discovered and known factions displays the other factions you have encountered.

Below the map is the end turn button, along with information about your treasury, income, food supply and the current date of the campaign.

Clicking on an army will bring up the army overview panel, here you can view details about the army and its general, as well as change an army's stance. You can also hire more units and mercenaries.

The province tab works in a similar manner: click on any city to bring it up. From here, you can pass edicts to give your region a bonus, as well as construct new buildings or upgrade existing ones. To the right are the province details which list a province's wealth and income, as well as public order and culture.