ROME II – Empire Divided: How to Play Roman Factions (2/2)

Learn how to play the Roman factions in the Empire Divided DLC for Total War: ROME II with this handy guide.

There are 3 major Roman factions available to play: Palmyra, Gallic Rome and Rome, who all receive the "Defenders of Civilisation" trait, giving them a 15% morale buff to all units when fighting in allied territory. They also receive a major diplomatic penalty with other Roman factions as a result of the "True Roman" trait.

Palymra, lead by the regent Queen Zenobia, receive the "Enlightenment Ruler" trait, granting them a 20% boost to the research rate. They also benefit from "Piety", which gives a -4 bonus to banditry for each cult building owned.

Zenobia begins as the smallest Roman faction and will need to rely on her superior technology to keep up with Rome and Gallic Rome.

Led by the fearsome Tetricus, Gallic Rome benefit the "Romanisation" and "Administrators" traits which grant a bonus to public order when Latin culture is present and -20% political action costs respectively.

Gallic Rome will look to build a strong base at the start of the game, using public order buffs to keep cities happy whilst their armies are away fighting.

Aurelian, the feared leader of Rome, benefit from the "Iron Fist" trait, giving his faction a -50% resistance to foreign occupation. They also posses the "Marching Orders" trait, providing them with a 15% movement range bonus for all armies.

Both Rome and Gallic Rome both have several client states the start of the campaign who will aid in wars. Be sure to keep a close eye on them as they may look to break away.