ROME II – Empire Divided: How to Play Non-Roman Factions (1/2)

Learn how to play the non-Roman factions in the Empire Divided DLC for Total War: ROME II with this handy guide.

The Germanic Kingdoms, consisting of the Saxoni, the Gothi and the Marcomanni, all receive the "Terrors of the Night" trait, allowing them to initiate battles at night; along with the "Looters and Raiders" trait, giving them an additional 150% income from raiding and sacking.

The Eastern Empires are  comprised of the Sassanids and Armenia, who both benefit from the "Centralised Authority" trait which provides a -5 to banditry in all provinces and the "Silk Road" trait which gives a 20% buff to all commerce buildings in all regions.

Only containing one faction, the Alani, are the Nomadic Tribes. They posses the "Nomadic Archers" trait which grants them 25% more ammunition for all units and the "Warlike People" trait, giving them +3 army recruitment slots in their home province.

Lastly, the Britannic Celts are comprised of the Caledoni, posses the "Heroic Culture" and "Sacred Springs" traits, granting them a 20% charge bonus for all units and +6 sanitation to all provinces respectively.

Each of these factions also posses their own unique traits, such as the Saxoni who benefit from the "Voyagers" trait giving them an additional 20% movement range for any fleets they own.