ROME II – Empire Divided: Explaining the New Campaign Features

Learn about the new campaign features coming in the Empire Divided DLC for Total War: ROME II with this handy guide.

Banditry is on the rise, as the authority over roman lands have diminished in recent years. Bread roaming marauders now scour the lands, looking to raid minor settlements and trade routes. In the Empire Divided campaign, the province detail tab now displays a banditry bar which increases as your empire grows. When banditry is on the rise, you will see a decline in a province's food output, which could lead to a global food shortage. Combat this by constructing certain local buildings and mustering more armies.

Plagues have been reworked and are now tied closely to the sanitation levels within each province. The lower a province's sanitation, the higher the risk of an outbreak which has a chance to trigger each turn. Plagues can spread from city to city following marching armies and trade routes.

The 3rd century has seen the rise of mysterious cults, represented in Empire Divided by new building chains. There are three different cults to choose from, Christianity, Mithraism and Manichaeism, each offering different bonuses and drawbacks.

New events and missions will challenge you throughout the campaign including a set of religious events unique to each cult, as well as prophecy and banditry events.

Rome, Gallic Rome, Palmyra, The Sassanids and The Gothi all have their own unique leader events, allowing you to improve their respective faction leaders through a series of choices.

New additional buildings have been added such as the "administration" building chain, which is exclusive to the Roman factions, dealing with tax collections, agent improvement and countering banditry. Each faction also have their own versions of a new naval training building.

Finally, all technologies have been completely restructured and revamped to better suit the new factions.