Total War: ROME II – How to Manage Your Province

Learn how to manage your provinces effectively in Total War: ROME II with this handy guide.

Clicking on a city that you own will open up the province overview panel: here you can see a summary of the province, its current culture and public order, food production and the income the selected province produces. All of these statistics can be hovered over with your cursor to reveal a tooltip with more information.

Moving to the province overview tab will show you all the cities that are in the province including their respective buildings. However, if you do not currently own all the settlements within a province, their owners' faction flags will appear there instead.

The population surplus (if any) of a province is displayed on the top left of the province overview tab; this is used to create more building slots within a city. If a new slot is left empty for too long it will turn into slums which are expensive to remove, so be careful!

Next to the province overview panel is the details tab, clicking this will reveal a more in-depth look at the province. Here, you can see the current wealth and income of a city, as well as how slaves are affecting your empire. Below that you can see the corruption levels, this will grow with your empire reducing your income over time.

Public order is also displayed: hovering over it will reveal the modifiers affecting contributing to its improvement and decline.

Finally, clicking on the raise force button will allow you to create new armies and the recruit agent button enables you to summon agents to your empire.